A wall is the ultimate barrier between people. Whether in Berlin, Israel, or the United States – a wall has the power either to protect – or destroy.
deported mother and son, nogales, mexico

deported mother and son, nogales, mexico

Whatever you think about the massive wall separating the United States from Mexico, chances are you know only part of the story. That’s where Immersion comes in.  Only through crossing the border – engaging in a real-life experience, and meeting those for whom the wall is the barrier between hope and despair, life and death – can we begin to understand the complexities of this issue and offer leadership to fix it.

Each year, OMNIA offers a unique three-day Immersion and training experience for those in positions of leadership.  Whether you’re a leader in the faith community, civil service, education, or politics, you will be challenged, trained, and equipped with the tools to address one the most overwhelming tragedies of our time. We will work with our partners on the ground, Border Community Alliance (BCA) and Fundación Del Empresariado Sonorence, A.C. (FESAC), In just three days you will:

  • Meet with Experts from our partner organizations to learn about the political, social, and humanitarian realities rarely discussed in the media
  • Engage in discussion with Peg Bowden, author of “A Land of Hard Edges,” Gail Emrick, expert on border economics, and other key immigration experts
  • Tour important sites along the wall, including the US-Mexico border crossing, immigrant shelters, and memorials to those whose lives were lost to conflict at the border
  • Construct, with other members of your group, a contextual theology and an action plan for leadership in your area of influence.  Most importantly you will:
  • Meet and engage with immigrants – men, women, and children – many of them recently displaced or deported and who live with the harsh realities of a broken immigration system set loose on a broken world.

The power of immersion is transformative. It engages the head, heart, and hands in faith-powered, action-centered strategy. It is a leadership experience that cuts across the barriers of politics, culture, and class.

DATE: November 1-4, 2017

COST:  $975 + Airfare.  Price includes hotels, meals, travel within Mexico, and complete program.  

For more information or to register, contact MELODY at 312-626-1213  or email:  melody@omnialeadership.org